JW:CEO – Episode 25 (Loose Ends)

Jamal’s block was relatively quiet, as much as could be expected. On the next block over, Detective Rourke sat inside a rented Escolade, quietly rolling a squeeze ball around in his fingers as he stared out at nothing in particular. At any other time he’d be on a stakeout with his partner Simmons waiting to [...]

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JW:CEO – Episode 23 (The Twilight Zone Part II)

 Deep in thought, Jamal stared at his Poker chips as he pondered his next move. Steiner watched with anticipation, completely disregarding the Texas Hold ’em game he was involved with across the room. The other players at that table nonchalantly glanced around the table, pondering who was going to be the chip leader after the [...]

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JW:CEO – Episode 22 (The Twilight Zone)

  Jamal walked down the steps from the train platform onto Fordham Avenue, somewhere deep in the Bronx. Having lived so close but never been there, the Bronx was still another world, full of criminal and often murderous legends. One of his professors had directed him there to visit a store owner about doing their [...]

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