Father’s Day is upon us.

As a result, many of us are rushing to purchase those last minute “father-type” gifts like a tool, a plasma t.v., bowling bag or shoes, computer equipment, and so on.
As with any holiday, the origin and true purpose often become lost in the commercialism of the day.
I decided to share the foundations of Father’s Day in hopes of reminding us all of how blessed we are to have our fathers and those that serve as our fathers within our lives.

It is said that Father’s Day originated with a woman!  Sonora Smart Dodd was listening to a sermon, while in church, on Mother’s Day and developed the concept of Father’s Day, in honor of her own father, in 1909.

The historical commentary shares that Sonora was extremely appreciate of her father’s sacrifices and provisions for her and her siblings following the death of her mother.  He raised all of them as a single parent. (“Origin of Father’s Day”)

The idea of honoring fathers continued to grow throughout the years until, in 1972, President Nixon permanently established the third Sunday in June as our nation’s celebration of all fathers.

While many children within our society maintain their lives without a father and/or male figure, there are still many children that have fantastic men within their lives that support them.

To those fathers and male figures, we extend our greatest appreciation for you. You have established the mark for which others will have to reach.

I am not talking just about the famous and rich dads.  I am referring to the fathers that wake up each morning and go to work for their families.

I am referring to the men that go without in order to ensure that their children will have.

I am referring to the men that love their children enough to discipline, listen to, teach, guide, and set the example for all children within our society.

I am referring to the men that have never forgotten what it was like to be a child and do all that is within their power to protect and maintain the innocence of “childhood” for our children.

The media may try to convince us that they are few and far between, but fantastic fathers can be found in any and all races, religions, countries, and classes.

In my life, these are the type of men that raised me.  My father, Levi Major Thomas, was an outstanding man of dignity, discipline, and love.  He shaped my character, molded my intelligence, cultivated my work ethic, and impacts my life in ways that I have yet to fully understand and realize.  Not because he was loud or aggressive, but because he was.

He was present.  That was his gift to me for which I will be eternally appreciative.

So, on this “Father’s Day” and every other day, tell the positive men around you that are striving to be fantastic fathers, “thank you” for just being.