Are u a recession monger ?? I mean just because gasoline is over 100.00 a barrel and we are paying more than 3.00 at the pump nationwide and we have had a downturn in the economy for two consecutive quarters does not mean we are in a recession !!!!!!!!!!! well maybe it does ….what do i know?? Hmmm let me think..doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

(theme song from jeopardy people ..Come on !!) OK what i mean is us Gorillas cannot afford to be in a recession, therefore we should not participate. Yes we are stuck in this strange economic place with everyone else, but we must sell harder and sell smarter and while i love making lots of money we need to take a look at our debt. A friend of mine whom i respect greatly is always saying the sure fire way to wealth is debt reduction. It is not what you make but what you keep, so do not fret we can ride this out together.

A recession is as much psychological as it is real…yes some clients are cutting back and it is harder to find new business what !! it is what it is..stop sniveling sit down and strategize about your next move.. do not worry i will the coming weeks and months i will be here for you to serve as a beacon of light on the horizon..i know sometimes when you are in a tunnel and you see a light at the end you are not sure if it is the way out or a train coming..but guess what, i am going to help you find the light that leads to the way out ..ready let’s go !!

Are you a recession monger ? Don’t be! Kelvin Jones, author of The 80 Lb. Chimp or 800 Lb. Gorilla- Which One Are You? says that it(recession) is real and imagined but either way you cannot afford to participate, if you plan to survive in this environment.