Did you have a moment to identify the gift that keeps on giving in your life?  Is that talent and/or ability something you would love to do every day all day?  Let us begin to explore entrepreneurial opportunities that you can consider taking a risk on.  I want to reiterate that this series of articles are designed for ordinary people like myself with a desire to accomplish extraordinary miracles and success in their lifetime.  I want you to consider things beyond the scope of sports skills, musical skills, and artistic abilities.  For some reason, we are conditioned to believe that traveling down that career path is our greatest opportunity to obtain wealth.  I agree that it is very compelling but I know too many entertainers with national acclaim and no money.  I have relationships with athletes that have problems money cannot solve.  I know creative geniuses without focus and direction in their life.  I believe our objective needs to maintain a balance between ability to receive a steady income stream and the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Here is an example of achieving both goals.  I know a woman that has the uncanny ability to shop for groceries at an average of 25% of the retail cost.  How?  Every Monday she goes to the newspaper distribution house after studying the sales circulars for the week.  She matches her coupons with sales and patiently goes from store to store with a plan of action.  The end result is two-fold.  She spends a minimal amount of money on groceries and she could build a business utilizing that gift.  I’ll give you an example.  With the holidays quickly approaching, many people focus on giving to individuals who are less fortunate.  Knowing this, I requested that the woman create several food gift baskets for senior citizens so that my church can give them away for Thanksgiving.  When she showed me an example of the prototype basket, I quickly realized that many churches would appreciate someone with her talents.  I recommended she solicit her services to churches as a community outreach opportunity.  Offer to create baskets for the church and charge the church 25%-50% of the original bill as a fee.  Not only is the church saving an average of 25% and no labor, the affect they would have on the community is dramatic.  And the woman will walk away with an income.

Now that was completely an unusual gift.  I chose that example because it’s outside of the box, necessary, and creative.  Separately, I know someone who is constantly asked for advice on how to develop a website.  His site generates so much interest that I recommended he offer to set up the site for others, teach them how to maintain it, and extend a follow up consultation thirty days following the date he begins working on the site.  He thought the idea was great and now adds almost $1000 in addition revenue to his income per month.  Now his business is strictly referral based and he completes it at his convenience.  Go figure.

What am I saying?  So the last time I recommended you begin to think about that gift, that talent, and that ability.  Today, I suggest that you write the vision and make it plain.  Where do you see yourself with this specific gift in five years?  If you had your way, what would a business look like to you?  Be very specific.  You have not because you don’t ask.  The best way to see if a plan is a good plan is to first write it out and read it to yourself.  Does it make sense?  Do you see yourself as a CEO within your own company doing what you love best?  Don’t worry.  Send it to me and I’ll give you constructive criticism so now you are not alone.

I will leave you with this final thought.  After sharing my ability with you, it would only be fitting if I shared my vision as well.  The first time I wrote what I desired, I actually pictured myself in at a convention speaking to thousands of people about finances.  Several years later, I’ve entertained hundreds and I’m still waiting for my audience of thousands.  Now, I’ve been blessed to be on television and on the radio and in the print.  But I’m still waiting for the audience of thousands.  I believe my ability will create that opportunity for me.  I also believe your ability, talent and/or gift will do the same for you.  Share with me on www.nicolesimpson.org .