What would your money say if it could talk?  I know, this sounds like a child-like and silly question, but it does have some merit to it.

If we were to sit down and honestly assess our financial health, spending habits, and saving efforts, I am certain that our funds would have a lot to offer us in terms of positive and negative feedback.

While I am an educator by profession, I am a “retail specialist” by choice.  (A “retail specialist” is the professional term for “frequent shopper.”)  Now, before any thoughts of maxed out credit cards or using mortgage money to shop my life away come into play, I must share that I am a “thrifty retail specialist”.  That means that if it is not on sale or clearance, then, in most instances, I will not buy it.  For me, the shopping smart is a woman’s ultimate sport!

Having said all of this, as I was in line, in the process of satisfying my shoe craving by purchasing a pair of three-inch high, classic black leather pumps, my money spoke to me (and no!, I am not unstable, I just have a vivid imagination and I was open to listening.)  My money thanked me for using it wisely by making sure that i conserved it and refrained from using it irresponsibly.

My teen-aged daughter and I speak about spending, saving, and many other financially-related matters.  As I work on my own financial discipline, I offer her similar advice.  Each time that you make a purchase, what do you think that your money would say to you if it could talk?

I know what you are thinking, this is one of the strangest things that I have ever heard.  Money does not talk!

Yes it does.  I have often heard it said that anything with a face can be a god.  Well, I believe that anything with a face can communicate to us.

The next time that you are about to use your money, whether it is for a purchase, investment, or just placing it in your secret hiding place in the house, ask yourself, “what would my money say about how I am using it?”

I also encourage you to share this strategy with our children; stressing that we want to have positive, strong, and wise monies. The ultimate goal is to have a positive relationship of respect and wisdom regarding our finances.  We must start emphasizing this with our children immediately.

“Managing Money is A Matter of the Heart”

Kandise N. Lucas