Senator Grassley’s most recent actions have compelled me to make a confession as a mega church member. He is exposing what an increasing amount of us have known for years. These “CEO-Pastor- Reverend-Doctor’s” have been fleecing the flock for years. For them, money does matter, in fact it is the only thing that matters. Some may ask why this piece was not coined ‘Confessions of a Former Mega Church Member”. My response is simple, I choose to remain there in order to continue my efforts to expose them and reveal the truth to others, whether they can handle the truth or not. Now, there are those in the flock that follow these “ÇEO-Pastor- Reverend-Doctor’s” blindly. They are fully committed to upholding their spiritual shepherds, inspite of. I recently viewed a broadcast in which a mega church member was asked her opinion regarding the fact that her “CEO-Pastor-Reverend-Doctor” was being investigated by Senator Grassley’s committee. Her response was that her leader was an anointed and blessed man. She went on to say that he has done nothing but good for her and the others within the mega church. She vowed to give him her last dime if asked to. After making these cultish comments, she drove off in her broke down automobile, which had duct tape on the windows and a license plate hanging from the fender, yelling, “Praise God for him!”.