While working out at the gym, I recently saw a commercial by the Saturn Automobile Company in which the theme was to “rethink” commonly held concepts within our society.  One of the perceptions that we were instructed to rethink was the idea of what “bling” really means.

For most of us, the term “bling” symbolizes materialism and the display of excessive wealth at its most extravagant levels.  It is a superficial and materialistic term that we hear everywhere, from the radio to the pulpit.  It is considered to be a positive term in our society and a goal for which everyone should try to achieve.

We have all heard comments like, “she is bling blinging!” when we see a female with diamonds and gold dripping from her ears, hands, wrists and anywhere else that is humanly possible.  So what if her attitude is revolting or her credit cards are maxed out in her pursuit of  “bling”.

We have even heard others say that “he is bling blinging” when we see a male rolling down the road in a Bentley, Lexus, or Escalade.  Who cares if he obtained it through unethical means or lives in it because he cannot afford to pay rent or a mortgage while paying the monthly note on his “bling”.

Well, I think that the people at Saturn have a good point, it is time for us to rethink “bling”.  Not only must we rethink it, we must “redifine” it.  Our new definition of “bling” must emphasize positive habits that support our children, families, and communities on a social, economic, physical, spiritual, and educational level

How?  We must first begin with challenging our preconceived perceptions, then raising our expectations, and finally, changing our thoughts and actions.  We cannot do this effectively without truly understanding the impact of words and language on the minds, spirits, and actions of our children.  Be assured, words and their use are never neutral, they either initial positive actions or negative ones.

Instead of “bling” signifying the assets that we wear on our assets, “bling” can be redefined as an action verb:

Bling (v).:  to  demonstrate exceptional character; is self-less, willing to care for the needs of others, giving, loving, constantly going that extra mile, going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Encourage our children to “rethink bling”.  Discourage their focus on the external, materialistic, and commercialism. Encourage their focus on the internal traits, exceptional character, and their desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“Rethink Bling”!

Mananging Money is STILL a Matter of the Heart….

Kandise N. Lucas, PhD.