Hello everyone. I am so excited that everyone is thinking outside of the box creating plans they can implement in their life in 2007. First I want to thank all of you for your support and commitment to sharing this site with your family and friends. Because of you, www.blackmoneymatters.com recently won a Black Web Award for 2007. The success of this site is consistent with what we have been discussing for the last few weeks. Identifying your ability and creating a business that is both personally fulfilling and a satisfactory financial vehicle as well. Mr. Gil Michel identified his talent, wrote a vision and made it plain. Then he shared his vision with others. This is what I want to discuss today.  You’ve determined your true calling, you’ve envisioned yourself walking into your destiny and now how do you make that happen?  Sharing your vision based on your talent with others will allow those individuals to assist you creatively with options of how to get started. After all, that is what deters people most often. They don’t know where to begin. Several weeks ago, I shared with you that I am in the process of revising my book Planning For A Reason, A Season, and a Lifetime….

I’m grateful for the success I’ve had with the first book. However, I don’t believe I’ve taken advantage of every available option to ensure people are aware of disaster planning. When I first began to think about a revision, I kept the thought to myself. First, I wanted to make sure that my ego wasn’t involved. After all, a reason why we don’t succeed is because we talk ourselves out of our destiny being afraid of what others might think. Or perhaps we didn’t get the results we were seeking the first time we tried. Maybe, you shared your ideas with the wrong people and they told you that you were chasing a dream, it wasn’t possible, you can’t achieve… I could go on. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had more to accomplish. So I went back to the drawing board. I had already identified the gift and I wrote the vision. It never changed. This time around I shared the vision with other people. You see, I was independently successful the first time around based on my own skills. But when I shared my vision with other people, they began to add to what God had given me.

What am I saying to you? Moderate success isn’t enough. When we follow our dreams without help, without guidance, without support, we can suffer from burn out and we may limit our potential. But often, we place ourselves in that position. This time around I decided to share the gift God had given to me with others. The more I began to share, the more opportunities began to present themselves to me. People started to help me by sharing their resources and committing to support my vision. All I had to do was open my mouth and make myself vulnerable to criticism. But the feedback is progressive, not regressive. Certainly you must be prepared for the non-believers and the people who will not be supportive. But the next step in your journey will almost always be revealed by another person.

Trust your instinct! You are a business and every business must have a team to become successful. I want to share one final example about how important this link is to your success overall. If you can recall, during the summer I had the privilege of speaking at the About My Father’s Business Conference in Indiana. I met a young lady who had recently started a new magazine titled Hope for Women. (www.hopeforwomenmag.org). She had the desire to become a publisher since she was a little girl but it wasn’t until two close members of her family passed away that she moved forward in her destiny. When we met, she was at a transition in her life. She had taken the business as far as she could go individually and realized she needed assistance to move forward. If you spoke with her, she will share with you that she exhausted many options and needed a fresh perspective. She shared her vision with women with different levels of expertise. Today, three months later, she has a team of people working with her as if the vision was birth by them independently.  If you pray and allow God to order your steps, you will find yourself always traveling in the right direction. Share the vision!

As always, I welcome your feedback on www.nicolseimpson.org . Stay tuned for The Ultimate Plan.. Planning for A Reason, A Season, and a Lifetime during the first quarter 2007.