Creative Leaders value and respect the individuals who follow them. Creative Leaders know they are the most important tools, and the origin of their success and the people with whom they are building and shaping their future. sharing a vision and implementing a strategy.

These people are the most important “assets” for a Leader and should be treated like that.

Creative leaders respect them as people. There is a special and personal bond between the Creative leader and each and every of their follower.

People are very perceptive and sensitive about how sincerely a leader cares for them. Creative leaders focus part of their time and effort to really get to know deep enough each of their key followers-, deep enough that people see it is for real and can be sure that they also have a bond with their leader.

If you want to value the individual, it is vital to develop followers up be successful.

Creative leaders make sure that their followers are well led at all levels. They give credits, recognition and empowerment and provide them with the best possible and available training programs and invest a great part of their time in properly assessing and mentoring the follower’s personal development paths.

Leaders bring out the best in their followers.

Great leaders have good interpersonal skills. They listen well and focus their attention on the person with whom they are speaking. They transmit confidence and the belief that the follower can accomplish the task. They are practical and not hung up on formal procedures. They are very good communicators and have the ability to focus on more than problem-solving skills and personal network.

Creative leaders foster aspirations, share values, excitement, and a view that almost anything is possible.

They spread positive energy around them.

Creative leadership is about building an entrepreneurship culture, is about delivering, communicating, living and believing in a “PASSION “ FOR WINNING attitude, a true (we can do it) spirit.

About the Author: Henrique Plöger Abreu has a Master Degree in Business Administration, more than 20 Years working experience in Sales and Marketing, is a Publick Speaker, Busines Consultant and President of the L.T.C. a nonprofit Organization.