I know it has been awhile since we last spoke but I do have a good excuse.  I am currently finishing my second edition to my book “Planning for A Reason, A Season, and a Lifetime” (available on www.nicolesimpson.org ) and it will be available soon.  That leads me to this article.  I want to speak to those individuals who desire more than a traditional job-working from 9-5 simply isn’t enough.

You have dreams, desires, goals and a gift that can help you achieve everything you desire and more!  How do you know when your gift is the conduit to your financial freedom?  Furthermore, how do you create a business out of your gift?

I am reminded of a very good friend of mine who realized that at an early age, she was quite gifted at doing hair and making both men and women look beautiful.  Not only did she make them look good, they left her company feeling special as well.  Separately, I was working with an individual who desired to write a book about what parents experience when dealing with disabled children.  That experience coupled with her compassion for animals being therapeutic for disabled individuals made her focus on an invention matching people with a disability to a four legged animal that compliments their medical ailments.

Here is an example of a gift creating a revenue stream.  The friend is now a salon owner making well over $200,000 annually.  The client had an experience that affected her so much, she wanted to make the experience easier for the next person to be affected.  Needless to say, the inventor is basking in the glow of her success still quite shocked that success was in her.

What do these two individuals have in common?  Somewhere in the middle of life, they realized that opportunity was knocking on their door.  They aren’t special or any different from you and me.   I won’t preach but this is what I know.  We are all blessed with at least one talent.  There is a story in the Bible that verifies that everyone is provided with at least one-use it.  If you don’t, you are destined for a life of mediocrity.  You will long for the finer things in life but because you’re too afraid to take any risk, life will pass you by.

The next few articles that I write will address every ordinary individual like me who believes that they can achieve extraordinary success.  We will discuss how to identify that special gift and/or ability, how to nurture it, and how to develop a business utilizing the gift to its fullest potential.  But I want to leave you with this thought.  What are you good at?  What comes naturally to you?  I’ll share some of my childhood experiences with you that gave me insight on what direction in life I could go in.  Perhaps it will make you think outside of the box and stop overlooking the very path to your financial freedom.  As a little girl, I realized that I had the ability to captivate an audience.  When I spoke, people listened.  Now someone might think that acting would be ideal with that type of talent.  I desired to be an attorney and a politician-go figure.  I could see myself convincing people that my way was the correct way.  Perhaps you are great with animals, maybe you have a way with children, when your friends have a problem they come to you for advice.  What about your family always requesting dinner at your house because you can cook, your friends are always asking you to decorate their homes?  Finally, everyone in class wants you as a partner because you understand the “Big Bang Theory”.

The examples above can trigger ideas for you.  Often what you are good at and what you love to do go hand in hand.  I believe that you should evaluate that seriously because major opportunities to nurture that gift will often arise.  Will you recognize an open door?  Let’s talk about it.

Don’t forget to check out my website.  I believe you will enjoy the new information on www.nicolesimpson.org .  See you soon!