During the last several months, many unusual events occurred that should have made us reflect as individuals where we are standing in life.  For starters, we’ve experienced extreme weather patterns-hurricanes and tornadoes in areas not accustomed to that type of weather, a nor’easter in the middle of April along the east coast, a blizzard in Ohio at the same time, just to name a few.  In addition, a major corporation decided to re-assign positions internationally, leaving domestic employees searching for new jobs because they have decided to stay in America.  Another company decided to terminate long tenured employees and offer them their jobs back at 1/3 of their original salary.  What is going on? This article is written specifically to make you reflect on the choices you are making in your personal lives.  Most individuals intend to get their financial house in order, but it isn’t a priority.  What has to happen that will make you change your way of thinking?

Allow me to appeal to every individual who decided to accept a company buy-out package.  A year ago, major corporations throughout the United States offered their employees the opportunity to retire with a severance package.  The financial reward averaged approximately one year’s salary giving you a chance to stay home with the children, explore self employment, go on long vacations, etc.  But now the year is almost over, the money is dwindling and you find yourself looking for a new job aggressively.  The challenge that you are now facing isn’t unusual.  The jobs available 5 years ago with comparable salaries are no longer available.  You are faced with looking for two full time jobs to maintain your standard of living and you still have expenses, expenses, expenses! Another case scenario involves each home owner who fell victim to extreme weather in your neighborhood.  Perhaps a tree fell on your house, your windows broke, or you faired the worst and experienced total devastation.  What do you do now?  Insurance companies are looking for loopholes so they are not obligated to pay and you’re fighting against attorneys daily attempting to recoup what you’ve lost. One final thought is for every person who suffered physically.  Perhaps it was finding a lump in your breast, a car accident you never anticipated, lupus, a sick child, caring for an elderly parent, the list can go on and on.  This unexpected event serves as a financial and an emotional drain.  Were you prepared? This article serves as a backdrop of what’s to come in the next few weeks.  It’s time that we begin to explore how to protect ourselves from disaster.  It is also the basis of my new book scheduled to be released in August 2007-The Ultimate Plan…Planning for a Reason, A Season, and a Lifetime.  But do not fear because there is still hope.  The question becomes “What are you willing to do to change your situation?”  If you continue to operate from day to day with no plan of action for the future, you will find yourself totally unprepared for the disasters that will undoubtedly occur in your life.  Do not allow yourself to suffer unnecessarily.  Begin to explore the options available to you.  For further information or answers to questions you may have, log onto my website www.nicolesimpson.org.