{popin} wishes to extend its best wishes to President-Elect Barack Obama.. Many of us watched this hard-fought campaign with great interest (has it really been almost two years!?) We watched a somewhat obscure, young senator come through the ranks as a person who refused to sink to low levels in name calling, and mud slinging. We watched as he navigated through false accusations of being a friend to terrorists. We watched as the media played the loops of his former pastor over and over again. We watched as he was criticized for not being patriotic because he was not wearing a flag pin, or because his wife claimed that she was “now really proud to be American”. But we also watched his class, composure and resolve to sustain the atacks, accusations, and death threats. And on November 4th, we all watched as the final delegates were counted and Barack Obama was named the next president of the United States of America.

Yes, We Can, and Yes, We Did!